Jeff SavlovMy experience in education, facilitation and experiential learning, combined with my creativity and energy, bring great value to families and their advisors. While most consultants in this arena offer a set curriculum and pre-packaged modules, I customize work based on each family’s needs.

We start with a call (video preferred, as it is more personal) to discuss your situation and determine together if my expertise is a good fit for your needs, and if there is chemistry for a good working relationship. Next, a series of small steps are carefully designed for mutual exploration and to define the scope of an engagement. The successful families who work with me consistently appreciate my deep and thoughtful process, and proposals that clearly define deliverables and all fees.

Family Business & Wealth Consulting

My clients are families – and families are complex on their own. These complexities are compounded when families share ownership, management and leadership of an operating business and/or real estate, investments and other assets. I help families understand and manage that complexity, develop the next generation to be prepared for a variety of potential roles, and strengthen family and enterprise. Read more »

Family Advisor Education & Collaboration

Advisors appreciate my exceptional ability to take the complexity of family dynamics and turn it into bite-sized, manageable and actionable steps supporting professionals to increase their ability to better outreach, serve and retain their family clients. Read more »

Purposeful Legacy Family Project

Raising children is exciting, fun and challenging. Add a context of significant financial wealth and the challenges mount as parents worry about issues of entitlement, motivation and character in their kids. While wealth can make life easier, it complicates parenting. I’m an expert in both parenting and family wealth and have developed the Purposeful Legacy Family Project to guide parents as they develop children and the family in a wealth context. Read more »


My dynamic speaking style and creative nature, combined with the unique set of personal and professional experiences that brought me to family business/wealth consulting, ensure that my keynotes, workshops and interviews are engaging, relevant and educational. My presentation for your event will be customized to your audience and their interests – topics include: successful generational transitions, developing the next generation proactively, raising children in the context of financial success, working together across generations, managing conflict within the enterprising family. Read more »