Jeff Savlov serves family advisors and their firms:
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Family Office Executives
  • Financial Advisors / Wealth Managers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Other professionals who serve high net worth/enterprising families

Advisors face some of the most challenging situations when they are caught between intense family dynamics and the types of planning for which they are engaged to help. Align too closely with the senior generation (who usually pays the bills) and you risk alienating the next generation; focus too much on the younger generation and you may lose the trust and confidence of the previous generation.

Jeff helps advisors understand and manage these complex situations while teaching them how to help both generations feel aligned with the advisor and one another – a true win for all. Research shows that financially successful families worry more about protecting family harmony and having future generations be productive and self-sufficient than about returns on investments and leaving large inheritances to their children. Advisors can be key allies in these parenting, relationship and emotional concerns especially when they intersect with planning decisions.

Jeff trains family advisors in these areas:
  • Designing and facilitating family meetings
  • Helping family clients connect family members to organizational roles within their competencies
  • Helping families understand and manage conflict
  • Identifying common intergenerational wealth-transfer pitfalls and helping families overcome them
  • Choosing marketing techniques to reduce skepticism, increase trust and land new clients
  • Strengthening “soft” skills – improving client relationships through enhanced listening skills and empathic communication
  • Cultivating and maintaining trust
  • Rebuilding strained relationships with clients to retain them with the firm
  • Successfully discussing fees – the win-win for both advisor and client
  • Referring to and working with psychological therapists

Well-known for his creative and energetic workshops, Jeff often includes role-playing exercises for advisors to test out new skills in a safe environment.

Jeff also custom designs educational forums for your firm to present to your clients. These can be delivered independently or cooperatively with your firm’s professionals. Educational forums add value for existing clients and are a great marketing opportunity for the firm to invite potential clients.