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Principles, Purpose, Passion

Jeff Savlov is a family business and wealth consultant serving family businesses, high net-worth families, family offices and their advisors with a focus on balancing family dynamics with ownership, management and leadership of shared assets across generations.

Family Wealth Consulting

Jeff helps families who have accumulated significant wealth ensure their wealth serves current and future generations in healthy and productive ways. He is an expert at helping families manage the balance between family (an emotional system of relationships) and business/wealth (economic systems) so the family flourishes and evolves – guided by Principles, Purpose and Passion. Read more »

Family Business Consulting

Whether through ownership of a single business or of varied and complex assets, families encounter increasingly complicated decisions that have the potential for family conflict and business/financial missteps as they move through generations. Jeff works with families to understand and effectively manage their dynamics and increase the potential and stability of both family and enterprise. Read more »

Family Advisor Education & Collaboration

Through coaching, interactive workshops and client collaboration, Jeff helps advisors and their firms gain an edge over competitors in serving enterprising families. When he works alongside advisors with their clients, he adds depth to the understanding and management of family dynamics and governance. He will train and develop family advisors to skillfully provide clients with greater value through better execution of plans, and improved ability to assess and work productively with the complexity inherent in enterprising families. Read more »

Purposeful Legacy Family Project

Raising children in the context of wealth has challenges and opportunities. Many parents avoid any discussion of the family’s fortunate circumstances for fear this will reduce the children’s motivation and lead to a sense of entitlement. Jeff developed a program to help parents open the discussion in a healthy way, start developing the next generation to be responsible stewards, and teach parents about intentional and thoughtful parenting in the context of wealth. Read more »




Family Minute Business Blog

Coronavirus and Family Business

Coronavirus and Family Business

March 25, 2020

My family business clients all have various amounts of what every family has: closeness and harmony, as well as distance and conflict, to name a few elements. And, they share various levels of involvement in a business – leadership, management, Read more »

Forever 21

Forever 21

February 23, 2020

Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang created the retail chain Forever 21 from nothing when they came to the U.S. from South Korea. They built it to revenues of more than $4B at its height and had 43,000 employees. Read more »

Rock ‘N Roll & Family Business (Neil Peart)

Rock ‘N Roll & Family Business (Neil Peart)

January 19, 2020

If you’ve read any of these posts over the years, you know I like to connect rock music and family business one way or another. Earlier this month elite rock drummer Neil Peart, of Rush fame, died. I’ve been a Read more »

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