“In today’s fast paced world, where time is of a premium and communication falls through the cracks, it is more imperative than ever for families to schedule time to talk about what is important to them. Jeff Savlov was instrumental in getting our family to sit down and to examine what is most important to us in terms of family values, especially in the financial realm. The hours we spent with Jeff, and individually, expressing what was important to our family and what kind of a legacy we wanted to leave was an enriching experience for our family. Dave is a financial planner, so we spend a lot of time on our measurable financial goals, however, Jeff’s exercises encouraged us to assess the “why” and “how” behind our goals and dreams for our family. We make sure our wills are in order, however in taking time to write an “ethical will”, we clarified our mission statements and learned more about ourselves in the process. We would recommend Jeff’s services to any family that is ready to take their communication and family management to the next level.”

Dave and Jenn Buckwald

“Jeff Savlov has presented at the Purposeful Planning Institute’s annual gatherings on multiple occasions. He is a dynamic speaker who understands both the beautiful complexity of family dynamics and the interplay between business succession, flourishing families and legacy planning. I’d highly recommend Jeff as a keynote or breakout facilitator. His enthusiasm, creativity, humor and substance make him a great presenter.”

John “John A” Warnick – Counselor and Attorney at Law
Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute and initiator of the Seven Keys of Purposeful Trusts & Gifts and the Six Paradigms of Purposeful Planning

“I’ve collaborated with Jeff on several occasions, and I attended a few of his workshops. I find Jeff and his work inspiring. His intent to help and positively influence people is genuine and is one of the first things that comes across when you work with him. His passion is stimulating, above all because it is driven by him caring about the audience and his topics.

His intellectual curiosity harmoniously pairs up with his in-depth knowledge of individual behavior and family interaction. This allows him to capture innovative educational needs for enterprising families and their advisors, and to address them with elements of originality. His eloquence is elegant and at the same time comes across directly, because of his ability to speak not only out of his knowledge but also of his deep practical work.”

Gaia Marchisio, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Cox Family Enterprise Center
Aronoff Professor of Family Business
Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship
Kennesaw State University | Coles College of Business

“In this day and age of dry and academic presenters, Jeff Savlov is a breath of fresh air. His style of presenting is dynamic, informative and passionate. He brings a wealth of experience with a style that really engages the audience.”

Courtney Pullen, President,
The Pullen Consulting Group

“I have given seminars on several occasions and served on an organization board with Jeff Savlov. I am very impressed by his breadth of knowledge, and by his ability to translate difficult concepts in ways in which they can be understood readily by many people. I would have no hesitation in asking him to speak at seminars sponsored by this law firm, or by other organizations, and I am sure that he would do an outstanding job in any program to which he were invited.”

Robert H. Louis
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP

“Jeff Savlov gave a presentation at our Liquidity Event at the Harvard Club of New York City. Our event was focused on multi-generational planning, challenges facing family businesses, and how to exit a business and get liquidity if succession is not an option for a particular family.

Jeff was one of 7 speakers we selected after searching around New York City for the most credible and experienced family business advisors.

We recommend Jeff, hope he will consider speaking at one of our events in the future and plan on interviewing him for one of our future books and/or our family office podcast as well, so we are happy to recommend him to your organization as well.”

Richard C. Wilson, CEO
Family Office Club

“I have known Jeff Savlov for years, and have high regard for him as a family business consultant. We ran a family business learning group together, which gathered accountants, attorneys, psychologists, and educators for 2 days of healthy discussion for quite a while. From seeing how Jeff thinks and expresses himself (with enthusiasm logic and empathy), I knew that he’d be a great presenter at the forum I run at UMass Amherst.

I hired him to speak for 90 minutes on the topic of Siblings In The Family Business: Love, Hate And Profitability. His material was insightful, and made sense to the audience of many family businesses from a wide assortment of industries.

He built his thesis on relationships in the plant and animal worlds, progressing to humans and family business partners. The message was normalizing (if ferns can have each other’s backs, so can we) and practical (clear advice on managing conflict, clarifying roles and responsibilities, employment policies, and so much more).

His intelligence, humor and ability to connect the dots makes him a very effective teacher and guide. I am confident that he can speak with ease and skill to audiences large and small, facing any number of challenges, providing good energy and helpful perspective. I would comfortably assign Jeff any topic he was interested in, knowing he’d create something that would be both crowd pleaser and deeply useful.”

Ira Bryck, Director
UMass Amherst Family Business Center

“The New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-NJ) invited Jeff Savlov to speak at our 2014 Annual Conference: The Meeting of the Profession. NASW-NJ has over 7,000 members and this is our major event of the year.

Our goal was to have speakers who could share original ideas for Social Work practice that did not include payment by insurance/managed care companies. Our members are hungry for ways to be less dependent on insurance reimbursement and are eager to find ways of supplementing their therapy income so they can afford to offer reduced fees to those in need of affordable treatment.

Jeff has an unusual set of life experiences including participation in his family’s commercial printing business, a separate career in sales and marketing, as welI as training/experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and family therapist. He has been creative, entrepreneurial and successful in combining these, and was interested in sharing what he had learned with other social workers in private practice.

During his presentation, Jeff described how he has woven his experiences into a consulting practice with entrepreneurial families. His information and enthusiasm helped attendees to understand that they each had prior experiences that could be combined with their social work training to develop entrepreneurial endeavors. Jeff clarified the characteristics of an entrepreneur and discussed ways for those who are less “entrepreneurial at heart” to create strategies for additional income.

Finally, Jeff shared some exciting and innovative ideas for businesses that could be started by attendees with motivation and drive. His stage presence was strong, his information was interesting, and he demonstrated a good sense of humor. He was clearly comfortable speaking to an audience and his content was very useful to those who attended.

We were pleased to have Jeff present at our Annual Conference. I trust this information will assist you in considering him as a speaker for your event.”

Mary Jean Weston, LCSW
Associate Executive Director
National Association of Social Workers

“On behalf of the Estate Planning Council of Bergen County, I want to thank Jeff for a lively, informative and engaging presentation at our most recent meeting.

His presentation of “Family Business Lessons from Metallica” was a creative take on themes and issues that our members routinely encounter in their estate planning practices. The manner in which he presented the material brought to life and elucidated recurring dynamics of family-owned businesses.

In all, Jeff’s presentation was among the most interactive and participatory of continuing education sessions we’ve hosted in recent years.”

Jonathan F. Justice
Vice President 2017-18
Estate Planning Council of Bergen County, Inc.

“Jeff- thank you for your invaluable help with successfully mediating the difficult position my business partner/brother and I were in. You kept us on task with a goal in mind and there’s no possible way we could have done it without you. We are both grateful for your services and, based on the successful outcome, it has allowed us to move forward with a common goal in mind. Thanks again.”

Frank and Kurt Fendler
TPI Environmental