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How and When to Talk to Your Children About Money

Talking about family money is similar to talking to kids about sex. There is such a thing as too much, too soon.

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Keeping the Family Tree Alive

A lot of what makes these families successful is family first.

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Building Character

Article by Jeff Savlov about raising children under five in the midst of affluence.

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Jeff interviewed by Ira Bryck – The Western Mass. Business Show

Jeff Savlov and Barry Graff are interviewed by Ira Bryck. All three are senior advisors to enterprising families, discuss a variety of issues these families face and clearly enjoy the banter with one another.

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Jeff Savlov: Life Lessons from the Lives of the Rich & Famous

Jeff Savlov was interviewed by Frank Wander, founder of People Productive. Jeff shares some of the life lessons he has learned working with wealthy families who need to transition their wealth and/or businesses.

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Family/Business Wealth Transitions to the Next Gen: Values are Key

Jeff was interviewed by Jane Scaccetti of Drucker & Scaccetti. They discussed family wealth transitions and how to start when kids are young.

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Money Matters – Family Business and Wealth

Jeff Savlov, Family Business and Wealth Consultant, is a featured guest on Money Matters TV. His segment starts 12:20 into the video.

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Raising Children in a Wealthy Family: Values are the Foundation

Start articulating and instilling values when the kids are very young. As they mature, it’s important to have direct discussions of wealth and stewardship.

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Don’t Miss Out on Early Chances to Engage Kids

Enterprising families are waiting too long to integrate the next generation.

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Purposeful Planning Institute

Parenting the One Year-Old Millionaire: Instilling Values from Day One.

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