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How and When to Talk to Your Children About Money

Talking about family money is similar to talking to kids about sex. There is such a thing as too much, too soon.

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Keeping the Family Tree Alive

A lot of what makes these families successful is family first.

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Building Character

Article by Jeff Savlov about raising children under five in the midst of affluence.

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Family/Business Wealth Transitions to the Next Gen: Values are Key

Jeff was interviewed by Jane Scaccetti of Drucker & Scaccetti. They discussed family wealth transitions and how to start when kids are young.

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Money Matters – Family Business and Wealth

Jeff Savlov, Family Business and Wealth Consultant, is a featured guest on Money Matters TV. His segment starts 12:20 into the video.

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Raising Children in a Wealthy Family: Values are the Foundation

Start articulating and instilling values when the kids are very young. As they mature, it’s important to have direct discussions of wealth and stewardship.

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Don’t Miss Out on Early Chances to Engage Kids

Enterprising families are waiting too long to integrate the next generation.

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Purposeful Planning Institute

Parenting the One Year-Old Millionaire: Instilling Values from Day One.

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Insights from the Trenches: Lessons from a Family Business Insider

Jeff Savlov talks about lessons from a family business insider on the executive coaching organization Vistage.

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Family Businesscast

Video of Jeff being interviewed by Tibor Dani about Best Practices for Employing Children in your Family Business.

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