The Purposeful Legacy Family Project (PLFP) guides evolving families to intentionally develop the next generation in the context of family wealth.

Jeff works with couples throughout the life cycle of parenthood – from before having kids through full-grown adult children. Jeff has clinical training working with children as young as three years old, as well as adults and families. He studied child development and family dynamics extensively. Combined with his family business and wealth expertise, this makes him unique and powerfully effective when serving enterprising families through the PLFP experience.

Jeff designed the Purposeful Legacy Family Project to be customized to the developmental level of children in the family. Working from toddler stage through adulthood, Jeff helps parents build character in the challenging context of financial success. Some of the key areas of focus include: Defining and instilling important family values, sharing wisdom learned from elders, making meaning of family stories of struggle and success, developing perseverance through frustration.

As children grow older, they need to eventually understand the specifics of money and how to manage it, and the many professionals who help. Jeff works closely with parents to determine the readiness of children to take this step and includes other advisors and mentors to support the process.

Grandparents and other relatives can be included and are powerful additions to the process. Jeff will facilitate the PLFP at your home, vacation home or a venue of your choosing. Some families combine the family development work with their vacation or a family reunion.

While Jeff believes the most powerful opportunities to develop the next generation occur with couples before having kids and during the earliest years, he also is convinced it is never too late to begin. He has worked with senior generation family members in their 90’s and next generation “kids” in their 60’s. When the next generation family members are in their 20’s and older, see also Jeff’s Family Business & Wealth Consulting work.