Jeff Savlov works with families who have operating businesses, and families with legacy wealth who may no longer have a formal “business” but who share real estate, investments, are beneficiaries of family trusts, manage family foundations and more. Both types of families share responsibility for valuable and complicated assets.

He proactively helps families plan for the interplay of family and accumulated wealth. Communication, sharing of wisdom and values, active development of rising generation members and thoughtfulness is required.

Jeff commonly helps families with these key areas:
  • Clarifying parenting considerations before couples have children in the context of financial success
  • Setting expectations as young kids grow into teens and young adults;
  • Creating policies governing how family become involved, gain more responsibility and become leaders
  • Improving family decision-making
  • Dealing with the emotional side of inheriting wealth that can feel burdensome, unearned and undeserved
  • Managing issues of fairness as estates move from one generation to the next
  • Developing a stewardship mindset
  • Making a positive impact on society
  • Planning for transition between generations
  • Developing leadership in the next generation
  • Creating effective sibling and cousin teams
  • Recognizing and managing family conflict
  • Developing fair compensation policies for family members
  • Clarifying family values to guide the business
  • Defining philanthropic values and helping families make a social impact
  • Establishing outside boards of directors and advisors
  • Facilitating family retreats and developing family council meetings
  • Developing customized governance appropriate for the needs and appetite of the family