Rock ‘N Roll & Family Business (Neil Peart)

January 19, 2020Family Business Consulting, Family Wealth Consulting, Wealth Psychology Consulting

If you’ve read any of these posts over the years, you know I like to connect rock music and family business one way or another. Earlier this month elite rock drummer Neil Peart, of Rush fame, died. I’ve been a Rush fan since 1980 and have been mesmerized by the speed and complexity of Peart’s drumming and the deep, meaningful lyrics for which he was mainly responsible. Often known as “nerd rock” or “cerebral rock,” Rush quoted Shakespeare and Ayn Read more »

Thanksgiving in August???

November 26, 2019Family Business Consulting, Family Wealth Consulting, Wealth Psychology Consulting

Friends and Colleagues, The Thanksgiving/holiday season is upon us and I have made a donation in honor of all of you to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK). Rather than cards or pies or gifts (which are all really cool) I decided to write to you here and send money to TASK to make an impact on the issue of hunger – an area important to me. I’ve been volunteering monthly for over 10 years at TASK and am always moved by how the Read more »

Jeff Interviewed by Jane Scaccetti

October 24, 2019Family Business Consulting, Family Wealth Consulting, Wealth Psychology Consulting

Jeff was interviewed by Jane Scaccetti of Drucker and Scaccetti – “The Tax Warriors .” Really more of a conversation between friends, sprinkled with great questions from attendees, they discussed wealth transfers within families. Please have a listen . Among the most significant insights for attendees was how early this process can begin and how little focus on “money” is necessary to set a solid foundation. As far as starting early, an example was given of how NOT to talk to a four-year-old about a family business (and how TO do Read more »

Race and the Field of Wealth

September 10, 2019Family Business Consulting, Family Wealth Consulting, Wealth Psychology Consulting

  *Note – as a white man I struggled with writing this blog post. Would I make a mistake, be insensitive, or offend, possibly in some way specific to my experience as a white male? Should I write it at all? For example, I needed to decide whether to use the term “African-American” or “Black.” I chose the latter based on feedback from three friends who identify as Black; two of them felt “African-American” was politically correct in a way Read more »

Upstate NY Family Business Day

August 25, 2019Family Business Consulting, Family Wealth Consulting, Wealth Psychology Consulting

My friend and colleague, Michael Palumbos of Family Wealth & Legacy, LLC , has founded the Upstate NY Family Business Group. The inaugural Upstate New York Family Business Day Symposium will take place September 24, 2019 in the greater Rochester, NY area. I’ll be giving an opening keynote entitled “Cracking the Family Business Code” in which I’ll address the opportunities and challenges of combining family and business. In addition, I will present my Metallica documentary-based session “What Your Family Business Can Learn from Metallica” in the afternoon, which is consistently my most highly rated session. Read more »

Jeff interviewed by Jane Beddall

June 25, 2019Family Business Consulting, Family Wealth Consulting, Wealth Psychology Consulting

Jane Beddall, my good friend and colleague, invited me to be interviewed for her podcast, “Crafting Solutions to Conflict.” You can CLICK HERE to listen to the interview. She and I have been members of a study group in New York City for many years. We present cases and support one another in the challenging profession of helping families work together productively across time and make generational transitions. I find the support of the group invaluable; the range of professional disciplines represented Read more »

Rock Bands and Family Business

May 20, 2019Family Business Consulting, Family Wealth Consulting, Wealth Psychology Consulting

I am a fan of rock music and family business. When I find ways to combine the two, I do so. One of my most popular and best-received workshops for business families and the advisors who serve them uses clips from the Metallica documentary “ Some Kind of Monster ” ( available on Netflix ) to demonstrate the challenges and opportunities of the interplay of family and business. While not blood-related, the Metallica band members exemplify family ties. The emotional intensity of family closeness and the economic, Read more »

College Admission Scandal: Unearned Opportunity

April 22, 2019Family Business Consulting, Family Wealth Consulting, Wealth Psychology Consulting

The recent college admission scandal highlights one of the most significant issues wealthy parents encounter: just because you can, does not mean you should. The parents in this scandal seem to believe they were doing something positive for their children by paving admission into highly competitive universities through cheating and bribing. Although with the public eye on them at least some of the involved parents seem to feel some genuine shame. I wonder if somewhere inside they knew this was Read more »

Money Matters TV Interview

March 25, 2019Family Business Consulting, Family Wealth Consulting, Previous Events

Thanks to colleagues at Drucker and Scaccetti (D&S) for the invitation to “Money Matters TV.” Jim McGrory (D&S) hosted along with Paul Mitchell. My segment begins at 12:20 into the program (click here to watch the interview) . Some of the topics addressed are: Raising children in a context of financial success Bringing the next generation into the family business (advantages to both next-generation family members and the business when the next generation gets outside experience before entering family business, and why some families prefer to skip this Read more »

Collaboration – Drucker & Scaccetti

February 20, 2019Family Business Consulting, Family Wealth Consulting

Collaboration among professionals is essential for business and legacy families. There is tremendous complexity involved in meshing the emotional/relational world of families with the economic realities of business and shared assets. No one profession can handle it all, and families benefit when their professionals work well together, egos set aside, to help families navigate their challenges and opportunities. I’ve tried to practice this myself as a member of a study group, originally affiliated with the Family Firm Institute, for ten Read more »