Friends and Colleagues,

The Thanksgiving/holiday season is upon us and I have made a donation in honor of all of you to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK). Rather than cards or pies or gifts (which are all really cool) I decided to write to you here and send money to TASK to make an impact on the issue of hunger – an area important to me.

I’ve been volunteering monthly for over 10 years at TASK and am always moved by how the patrons, most of whom are seriously socioeconomically challenged, have a spirituality and positivity and faith that bonds them and carries them along. I learn from them about appreciating what I have. My sense of social justice motivates me to give my time and money.

Why the title, “Thanksgiving in August”?

Over the years I have seen the outpouring of community support for TASK, both in volunteers and donations, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is great. Truth is, TASK and many similar organizations are so overwhelmed with volunteer requests and non-monetary donations this time of year (furniture, food, clothing, etc.) that many can’t handle them all.

Please remember TASK and organizations like them throughout the year! Unfortunately, people are hungry and homeless all year-round. Give when no one else is.