Jane Beddall, my good friend and colleague, invited me to be interviewed for her podcast, “Crafting Solutions to Conflict.” You can CLICK HERE to listen to the interview. She and I have been members of a study group in New York City for many years. We present cases and support one another in the challenging profession of helping families work together productively across time and make generational transitions. I find the support of the group invaluable; the range of professional disciplines represented is crucial to the success of the group and the way that members help their clients. The sense of perspective gained from feedback is great.

Jane interviewed me about a case I presented in this study group. So many of the cases presented involve intense conflict among family members and this case was no different. However, what was a pleasant surprise was the presence of positive, healthy and loving traits seen in my first meeting with the brothers. This led to an unusually quick and powerful intervention and resolution for the brothers personally and as business partners.

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