Friends, Clients and Colleagues,

The Christmas season (and season for holidays of many traditions like Kwanzaa, Diwali, my own Hanukah, and others) is upon us and I have made a donation in honor of all of you to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK). I appreciate you as part of my life in some way.

Rather than cards or pies or other gifts (which are all really cool and appreciated by me when I receive them) I decided to write to you here and send money to TASK to make an impact on the issue of poverty and hunger – a social challenge important to me.

In my work with wealthy families, a frequent topic discussed is the importance of walking-the-walk around wealth, actively making a positive social impact – not simply giving money, but being personally involved. This is especially relevant with parents trying to help the next generation open their minds to how the financial wealth of the family can be a catalyst for greater good.

I’ve been volunteering monthly for over 12 years at TASK and am always moved by how the patrons, most of whom are seriously socioeconomically challenged, have a spirituality and positivity and faith that bonds them and carries them along. I learn from them about appreciating what I have and all involved get so much more out of it than if I only sent money. While my donations are appreciated, they need active volunteers to provide the support they offer. And the needs are greater than ever.

Why the title “Christmas in August???”?

Over the years I have seen the outpouring of community support for TASK, both in volunteers and donations, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is a good thing on one level. And, the truth is, TASK and many similar organizations are so overwhelmed with volunteer requests and non-monetary donations this time of year (furniture, food, clothing, etc.) that many can’t make good use of them all. The rest of the year they struggle to get enough live volunteers and donations to handle all that needs to be done.

Please remember TASK and organizations like them throughout the year! These organizations need support when the rest of the world is not so keenly focused on helping others and a spirit of charity. Unfortunately, people are hungry and homeless all year-round.

Please, volunteer and be generous now, AND when no one else is.