I’m thankful to Paul Sullivan of the NY Times for taking interest in my work and interviewing me for his December 29th Wealth Matters column, “Keeping the Family Tree Alive.”

new_york_timesI’ve been fortunate in my career to have worked with a wide range of interesting families from very poor and even homeless, to extremely wealthy. One of my favorite questions for wealthy families struggling with a particular challenge is, “How would this be different if you were poor?” That question goes to the heart of big decisions by removing money from the equation for a moment, leaving only family relationships and fundamental life values to be considered.

Money is powerful and has the potential for both positive and negative effects on those who have it. I work with families that have accumulated significant wealth and who want the money/wealth to serve the family in healthy and productive ways.

In my experience, those families who put family first in their thinking tend to achieve long-term harmony and productive, motivated and satisfied family members.