I am writing to offer enterprising families a great opportunity for learning and development.

The Family Firm Institute (“FFI”) is a professional association for educators, researchers, consultants and allied professionals serving family businesses and wealthy families. In a nutshell, families sharing ownership, management and leadership of shared assets across generations. FFI has study groups around the country and I am part of an active and vibrant group which alternates meeting between Philly and Princeton.

Recently we decided to try something new and we invited a live family in to discuss various aspects of their family business situation and it was a deep and fulfilling experience for all. It was so successful in fact that we are currently looking for additional enterprising families who may wish to take advantage of this learning experience for themselves.

There is no charge for participation as it is mutually beneficial and rewarding and intended for our group to give back to the community. The family we initially met with gave the gift of sharing their story and their hopes and dreams for the future. They were open about the challenges they faced. The group in turn asked good questions and discussed how other families approached similar situations and also pointed out potential blind spots and areas of opportunity. We all put our heads together for the benefit of the family participant. There is a strict agreement to not “sell” participating families in any way and relationships with other professionals will be respected.

Our group is made up of a variety of professionals (accounting, law, psychology, organizational development, tax expertise, family office/investing, financial planning) and we are a very friendly, gentle, experienced, compassionate and smart bunch. We are very limited as far as the number of families we can offer this to and will offer future opportunities to the first families who are a good fit for the process.

Our next meetings are as follows:

Princeton, NJ – 4/21

Philadelphia, PA – 6/16

Any interested families should reach out to me for a call to discuss their situation and explore further.


Jeff – Click here for contact info